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Why Install an Underground Storage Tank?

Installing Underground Storage Tanks (UST) at your facility is not only a cost-effective way to save space, but also to save money in the long-term depending on your facility. Gas stations often have little room on site and installing aboveground tanks will consume much of the necessary room for parking and navigating the site. Additionally, above ground tanks can look unsightly if not kept up due to possible corrosion, exposure to birds, and other external elements. They also run the risk of a driver crashing into them if not properly barricaded.

Underground fuel tanks are more expensive to initially install, but they save money in the long term. Less maintenance, more attractive, more space. Many tanks – even single wall fiberglass tanks – are still performing just as well as when they were installed 30 years ago. The reliability is proven for these systems and necessary testing for the state of California is available through many contractors across the state, including Balch Petroleum.

Gas stations are a perfect example of facilities that benefit from Underground Storage Tanks, but any business that maintains a fleet of vehicles would reap rewards from a UST system. The storage tank can not only potentially save money on fuel costs, but also on labor costs. Every time company vehicles have to be filled, workers spend time travelling to a gas station, then stopping and filling up. These are labor costs spent completing a task that does not create any direct value for the business. Having a fueling system at the business facility will potentially not only save in fueling costs, but also in labor costs.

USTs in the State of California are regulated, so routine inspections and testing are necessary. Despite this, in the long term they are a cost-effective investment in many business types. Whether it is retail fueling, trucking, or construction, any number of these types of businesses could utilize USTs to their advantage.

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