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Balch Petroleum was founded in 1976 by Wilbur Balch in San Jose, CA. 

He created along with his sons a small business that specializes in all areas of the fuel system including their design, install, removals and maintenance.  In the beginning Balch Petroleum did mostly construction of fuel systems this includes installations and demolitions of fuel systems along with projects like paving.   As the industry changed and as Balch Petroleum grew, they started a Service and Environmental Compliance Department, so they could better meet their clients fuel needs as well as perform environmental testing. 

Balch Petroleum for over 40 years has navigated the changes in the fuel system industry.  Wilbur led the charge and over time his sons Tom and Bill took over more of the day to day responsibilities and eventually ownership of the company.   Through the leadership of Wil, Tom and Bill they have performed work for major oil to small gas station retailers.   Their current clients include data services and private company fueling centers.  Balch Petroleum has been there through the years to install equipment for new mandates like vapor recovery and new standards for underground fuel tanks along with performing required environmental regulations such as Annual Monitor System Certification, SB989 testing and Air Quality Testing Requirements.  Balch Petroleum has an experienced team both in the office and in the field that continues to grow and learn with the changing industry.  They wouldn’t be who they are without this team of individuals.

Wilbur passed away October 21, 2019 at the age of 95. He had a strong conviction that we all serve a purpose and his company was a means to that end.  Any success he found would be used to further the Kingdom of God through support of the local church and charitable giving.  He would often say he wasn’t called to preach, but rather plow.  In his heart Wilbur never really retired and he regularly attended Christmas parties and their annual safety meetings.    Wilbur is no longer with us in this world, but his legacy lives on at Balch Petroleum.

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